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How to copy a scorecard

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Check out this blog post by Simon Richert on the Power BI Community Site on how to copy scorecards using PowerShell.

Power BI Goals Pro Tip: Copy scorecard script – Microsoft Power BI Community

If you have a set of goals that you want to rollover into a new scorecard, or just want to bulk copy goals across scorecards, this utility script can save you some time by automating the copy process.

What gets copied:
   – Scorecard name, contact, and description (when duplicating scorecards)
   – Goal definitions (name, owners, dates, status rules). The relationship between parent/child goals is preserved as well.

What is not copied:
   – Scorecard settings like column configuration and custom statuses
   – Goal level permissions
   – Goal queries to source report
   – Goal values history and notes

Important: This tip is meant for advanced users, only run the script if you understand its implications

    – Copy the script to a new PowerShell file and save it. For example, “copy-scorecard.ps1”
    – Open a new PowerShell window, and run the script
       Note: the script will install MicrosoftPowerBIMgmt module if not present on the machine

    – Follow on screen instructions to duplicate a scorecard or copy goals 

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